Radiant Smile

Radiant Smile
by Mr. Smile
Make your day brighter
You just heard the best news today! You’re going to be a grandparent! Now picture the smile that you have on your face right now… That would be called a ‘Radiant Smile’. This is the type of smile that can light up the world.
Your boyfriend just asked you to marry him.
You just got that promotion you’ve been waiting for.
Your girlfriend just told you she loves you for the first time.
Telling your parents that they are going to be grandparents.
Those are all examples of when you will see a radiant smile appear on someone’s face.
That is probably the most genuine and honest smile you’ll ever see and of course the memory of that smile will stay with you forever. And of course it will be a lasting impression on others around you when you have your radiant smile. So, you want to make sure this lasting memory of your smile is radiant. Having clean and healthy teeth assists the smile shine brighter. But, it’s not just about clean, white and bright. A face expression can be just as radiant especially with the eyes.
This smile is not a smile you can practice either, this is the most natural smile (and emotion) you can have. If you are embarrassed or try to hide your teeth, it does take away from showing your natural expression. Make sure your Smileworks for you just like the rest of you does. Naturally Radiant.

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