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Dental Effects of Dry Mouth – Symptoms & Remedies

What is Dry Mouth? The condition dry mouth is called xerostomia. When your mouth makes little or no saliva, it affects more than just your thirst.  Saliva helps you taste and digest what you eat and drink. It flushes food particles from around your teeth and dilutes the acids that cause tooth decay. Lack of […] Read more

Feb, 23, 2019


A Guide to Dental Braces

So your teeth are so crooked and so ugly that you refuse to smile and you have to wear a pork chop around your neck so the dog will play with you! Malaligned teeth can lead to premature wear, tooth loss, gum disease and jaw joint problems commonly referred to as “tmj.” Orthodontia may be […] Read more

Oct, 12, 2018


What is Root Canal? – Root Canal treatment

What is a Root Canal? A root canal is a dental treatment used for the purpose of repairing or saving a tooth that is badly decayed or aching and possibly showing signs of being infected or abscessed. During this procedure, the nerve and pulp of the tooth is removed, then the inside of the tooth […] Read more

Aug, 12, 2018


7 Natural Ways to Whiten your Teeth or Not

Do you think your smile could use a pick-me-up? Don’t want to invest time and money for in office treatments? Not sold on drug store gels or strips? Some natural, at home remedies are safe and can whiten your teeth. Which are the best bets and which should you avoid? Oral Hygiene Good oral hygiene […] Read more

Jul, 20, 2018


Top 10 Fixes for Common Tooth Problems

Tooth problems are a common among both the young and the old. There are different types of tooth problems and each has it’s own fix. Here we list the fixes for the Top 10 common tooth problems. Toothache You have a dentist appointment. What to do in the meantime? Rinse with warm water, floss or […] Read more

Jul, 10, 2018


20 Tips for better sleep

A good night’s sleep always helps the body and mind to heal. It’s essential to get a good night’s sleep but do you get it? There are many factors that affect the quality of your sleep. Here are 20 tips on to improve your quality of sleep. Power down The soft blue glow from a […] Read more

Jul, 03, 2018


What does your mouth say about your health?

Mouth bacteria and your health: Some studies have shown that people with gum disease are more likely to have heart disease than people with healthy gums. Why that occurs remains a mystery as there doesn’t seem to be any relation between gum disease and other medical conditions. It still makes good sense to care for […] Read more

Jun, 06, 2018


Why do you snore? How to stop snoring?

If you snore it’s because the relaxed tissues in your throat vibrate as the air you breathe rushes past them. About half of adults are guilty of snoring from time to time if not consistently. Other factors such as weight, general health and mouth shape can contribute to your being to prone to sawing logs […] Read more

Apr, 21, 2018


Kissing and Oral Health – Good and Bad of Kissing

Fresh breath has got to be number one on the “before you kiss someone” mental check list. That would be just a breath before using chapstik. How might thinking about the details of oral health have the potential to ruin the moment, especially if you’re wondering if the one who you’re about to lock lips […] Read more

Apr, 07, 2018


Tasty Tongue Tidbits – Taste Buds

How many muscles make up your tongue? Looks like one big muscle, but it is actually made up of 8 muscles. There are four to help it change shape and four to move it around. These are all grouped together by a mucous membrane. How many taste buds are found on your tongue? There are […] Read more

Mar, 26, 2018


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