Wedding Smile

Wedding Smile
Let your happiness shine.
If there was ever a time that you’ll want your smile to be perfect, it’s going to be at your wedding. A wedding is about happiness, love, commitment and forever. And your wedding pictures are going to be the lasting memory on your mantel, wall, of Facebook post. What do you do to prepare yourself for this ‘Wedding Smile’?
You spend hours and hours preparing for a wedding. The dress, the hair, the tux, the bridesmaids and dresses, groomsmen, food, the centrepieces, entertainment, the guests and the list goes on. So, you’re teeth should obviously be on the list too. Sure the wedding photographers will “Photoshop” those blemishes, but your Aunt Gertrude will share the pictures she took just as they are. Do you want your teeth whiter? Is there a home kit or toothpaste? What choices are there for whitening your teeth?
There are many choices to help with your smile, so its best to start early to be sure you are altar ready. Veneers, bonding, whitening, caps and crowns are just some options to get your radiant smile working for you.
Some Bride and Grooms schedule a dental cleaning before the wedding. This can help your teeth look great, your breath fresh and of course they will make sure your gums are healthy too. Remember, your gums will also be showing in those wedding pictures as well you’ll want to make sure the whole package is going to look great. But, the ‘wedding smile’ is not just for the bride or groom… the wedding smile is also for every person in the wedding party. If you’re getting married and you look out to everyone looking at you, chances are, they are all going to be having that ‘wedding smile’ as well. They are all going to be happy and proud of you and will be sharing that smile along side of you. Plus, there will be so many people there as well as pictures being taken all day and/or night, so of course the guests will want to make sure their Smileworks for them too. This is an oral hygiene event if there ever was one.

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