Good Food that Looks Ugly

We all have moments when we are talking to someone who has food stuck between their front teeth. You can get so distracted looking at that piece of spinach that it’s hard to concentrate on what they’re saying. Keep your smile working for you This is just as important at a business meeting.  If you’re […] Read more

Smile At Your Next Job Interview

Going for a job interview can be stressful. Even though you’re worried do your best to smile. According to Psychology Today each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness. This can help you to relax and put […] Read more

What works for your Canker Sores?

We all like to have a good time. Often those good times involve salsa, nachos, party planning and lots of friends and family. Sometimes when we eat too many spicy or acidic foods, or get too stressed out our bodies have ways of telling us that we need to slow down. Are Cankers Contagious? Canker […] Read more

I Need To Shave My Tongue

If You Drink Coffee If you drink a lot of coffee or tea you may develop an alarming condition with your tongue. An Important Day This could be the day for an important sales meeting, a job interview or your performance review. Things like this always seem to happen on those kinds of days! Looking […] Read more

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