Brushing Your Teeth Can Help You Feel Your Best

3:00pm is a time for mid-day slump. The work day is nearly done, and your energy level is low. You can go for some iced coffee or energy drink to get you through the afternoon, but you’re trying to cut back on the caffeine. A couple of natural pick me ups are movement and exercise. […] Read more

Don’t Eclipse Mouth Safety Either

With all this talk about eye protection with the solar eclipse, it should remind us that sometimes we neglect protecting our teeth. It sounds silly but everybody should own a mouth guard. When you’re playing sports or doing some activities it’s a good idea to protect your teeth. Unlike looking at the sun during a […] Read more

Brush Camping

A lot of preparation goes into making a camping trip a great experience for the whole family. Something that’s overlooked is tooth brushing and flossing, especially without running water and a sink. It’s just as important to brush while camping especially those evening’s s’mores and popcorn, and for those mornings with pancakes and syrup. A […] Read more

Back to School Check-Up

Kids love the summer off from school. This usually entails different routines when going on vacation, summer camps, or lazing doing their favorite activities.  Hopefully going to the dentist is the last thing on their minds. That’s good because their teeth have not been a concern. Let’s keep good dental health  As a parent, helping […] Read more

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