All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth

It’s Better to Be Proactive than Reactive

The end of the dental benefit year is approaching. If the thought of getting dental work done makes you nervous then you may have delayed getting necessary dental treatment as long as possible. If you wait too long, you may lose the chance to have the work you need done under your coverage.

Helping you Have a Better Dental Experience

Be honest with your dentist about your fears. Dentists have many strategies for putting you at ease and for making your dental work as painless as possible. These range from local anaesthetics and mild sedatives to distraction techniques.

Distraction techniques include listening to music, watching videos, holding a comforting object, using a focal point and aromatherapy. These therapies can form part of the treatment plan that you make with your dentist.

If you Ignore it Too Long…

If you wait too long to get that sore tooth treated then that problem can get worse. As your pain increases, so can your anxiety. Waiting until you can’t stand the pain makes the association of going to the dentist unpleasant.  If you go earlier your visit may require less treatment and be more relaxed. And that may help you to have less fear about your next visit.

Year after Year

Keep your smile for a lifetime. Make a habit of visiting your dentist regularly. Regular visits can detect problems before they become painful and require extensive dental work. Once you have had one dental experience that was more positive, you may be less fearful the next time you need to get dental work done.

Let your dentist help you feel your best. They can provide just what you need to reduce your anxiety before and during the appointment. So, don’t let those dental benefits slip away. Make an appointment to talk to your dentist about options.