Realtor Smile

Whether your face is on your business card, a billboard or a bus stop, you’ve got to make sure your smile can make an impression, even when you’re not there. The ‘Realtor Smile’ has to impart enough trust that people will buy or sell a home from you. A way to have that impressionable smile is to make sure you show those pearly whites! First thing you should be sure of is that your teeth are actually ‘pearly white’. Are they clean? Are they white enough?

Are they straight enough? Check with your dentist to find out the best way for ‘YOU’ and your teeth to shine the way you want.

Your dental office not only can make sure your teeth are clean, but can assist with getting your teeth whiter. They will know what procedure is best for you and your teeth. It might be just as simple as special toothpaste. Now, what about the rest? Are there gaps you don’t like? Are they straight enough? Your dentist can help you out with that as well. See the services page for Smile options. If you want the right smile for your bus stop advertising, then make an appointment for a Smileworks consultation.

As a realtor, you know a good impression is important and a good smile helps. You then need to come face to face with your client. You could possibly be spending a lot of time with your client looking in bathrooms and closets, so clean and fresh is the best way to be.

May, 07, 2016