10 most common places we come in contact with germs

Germs are tiny critters that can invade our bodies and make us sick. Once germs come for a visit, they like to settle in for the long stay. They gobble up nutrients and energy and produce substances that act like poisons. This nasty stuff can cause common infections like fever, sniffles, rashes, coughing, vomiting and diarrhea.

Where do we come in contact with germs?

Germs on the Cellphone

It goes with us everywhere. Even to the bathroom. So it can be way dirtier than the toilet seat. Some of these bugs can live for hours on a warm surface like your phone. Always wash hands after your trip to the bathroom.

Germs on the Remote

We all touch it. Even the neighbor’s kid. The one who picks his nose constantly. It can and does hide everywhere. Wipe down with antibacterial wipes daily.

Germs on the Computer Keyboard

You eat lunch over it. The kids play on it. The cat lays on it after he visits the litter box. No wonder it’s covered with germs. Shut it down. Give a few good shakes to get rid of crumbs. Use an alcohol swab to clean around each key.

Germs on the Dish Washing Sponge

Dirtiest thing in the house! By far!  No surprise, it’s wet, absorbent, used for wiping unused food and dirt.  Impossible to keep clean. Run thru the dishwasher and discard when it smells.

Germs on the Toothbrush Holder

Yes, it is filthy. Germs stick to the bristles and to the handle and drop onto the holder. This spot has more bugs than most everything we touch. Best way to clean, stick in the dishwasher. Discard your toothbrush every couple months.

Germs on Money

We grab it with germy hands. So does everyone else.  Most dollar bills are covered with up to 3000 types of bacteria. Do you lick your fingers when counting out bills? Wash up after handling cash.

Germs on the Office Coffee Cup

These are usually washed pretty casually in water that may not be that clean and with a brush or cloth that’s also full of bacteria. Take it home frequently and run thru the dishwasher, or use dish soap in warm water drying with paper towels if it stays at the office.

Germs on the Purse

You stick your hands in it all the time and so do the kids. How often do you clean it? It’s a great hangout for bacteria.  Leaving it on dirty counters, bathroom stalls and the car floorboard can account for lots of little travelers on the outside.

Germs on the ATM

People from anywhere and everywhere touch these buttons.  Studies have found microbes from food like fish and chicken, bacteria from rotting plant and dairy food, and mold linked to baked goods. Machines in the laundromat and stores are the dirtiest. Yuck!

Germs on the Shopping Cart

You fill it with meat, then grab the handle.  You sit your littles in it and she fills her diaper. Birds poop on it while it’s sitting in the parking lot. This is why shopping carts collect a huge variety of undesirable organisms. Use those wipes.

So you see how easy it is to pick up these little critters that can cause some of those really annoying conditions meant to make life miserable. Let’s keep our hands clean.

Feb, 04, 2018