Uncommon Mouth Disorders

Black hairy tongue

This condition occurs when you get a buildup of protein in your mouth. It can be accompanied by a gagging sensation, tickling on the roof of your mouth and bad breath. It looks way worse than it is so not to worry. Brushing your tongue or using a tongue scraper will usually cure the problem.

Fissured tongue:

This condition manifests as deep grooves on the surface of your tongue. There is no known cause for this and it is not contagious or harmful. It does take some extra effort to keep your tongue clean and prevent buildup of food in the grooves.

Geographic tongue:

This condition manifests with red patches on and around the sides of the tongue. The spots can last a few hours to several months. They can cause a mild burning feeling. There is no known cause or treatment. The condition is not dangerous.
Burning mouth syndrome:

With this condition, you feel like you have just gulped a very hot drink even though you have had nothing to drink. The sensation gets worse as the day goes on. The cause is unknown. There is some thought that it is a nerve problem. It can also be related to acid reflux and menopause. There is no cure, but using products such as biotene toothpaste and closys mouthrinse can help.


This is a thick white soft patch on your gums, the inside of your cheeks or the floor of your mouth that won’t rub off. Smoking or irritation from ill fiting dentures can be a cause. Your dentist may wish to biopsy the area to rule out oral cancer. In some cases the doctor may wish to surgically remove the spot.

Bald tongue:

This occurs when your tongue sheds the bumps that give it the rough texture leaving it shiny and smooth. It usually results from another health condition like a nutritional problem, celiac disease or an infection. It is treated by diagnosing and correcting the underlying cause.

Lichen planus:

This condition causes fine white lines in a lacy pattern on the insides of the cheeks, on the gums and the tongue. The cause is unknown and may require treatment if it becomes painful.

Amalgam tattoo:

This condition manifests as a bluish spot on the gums, usually close to a tooth with a silver mercury filling. It happens when a tiny piece of the metal gets lodged in the gums during placement of the filling or removal of a previously filled tooth. An amalgam tattoo is completely harmless and doesn’t need treatment. If you are concerned by the spot have it check by your dentist.

Yellow tongue:

This is a very common condition caused by buildup of bacteria on the tongue. It is easy to spot because of the color. Your tongue is normally pink in color. The color can also be the result of eating certain foods and drinks or smoking. Good oral hygiene including brushing your tongue and using a tongue scraper can help.

Scalloped tongue:

This is caused by your teeth leaving indentations along the side of your tongue. It can be a sign of a bad bite or a sleep disorder causing abnormal pressure from your tongue on the teeth.

Regular dental checkups will usually diagnose these conditions and your dentist will advise you if treatment is recommended. When in doubt or if uncertain consult with your dental professional.
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Mar, 06, 2018