The 5 W’s of Great Smiles


With the different breakthroughs in general dentistry cosmetics,more people can light a room with their great smile! Picture ready straight white smiles aren’t only for celebrities, reporters and models. With teeth straightening systems, in office whitening treatments and professional cleanings you can have a confident smile too!


A great smile can help you to feel your best. What you can accomplish when you have a bright smile, a mouth that feels great, and fresh minty breath is endless! Your radiant smile will take you anywhere you want to go.


Get started on your mouth beautification! A great smile sets the stage for your whole face. Selfies will be your favourite way of sending messages to friends and family because you won’t be able to stop smiling. Research shows that smiling can improve your mood. As my mom used to say, it takes just as much energy to frown that it does to smile… but smiling will help you feel your best.


Technology puts you on video or pictures. Your face is put on more documents than your passport and driver licence, it’s now on Gym memberships. Contact Smileworks today to set up an initial dental exam to get started on your smile. They will help you to create a treatment plan to help you achieve all of your dental goals.


Everyone wants to have a great smile. And everyone has a reason for wanting that smile. Maybe you’re looking for that special someone and you’d like to have a flirty smile. Or perhaps you have a huge board meeting coming up and you need an executive smile.Whatever your “why” is, a smile that helps you feel your best can help.