A smile you give to someone special

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and can be a great time to start a romance. Something that you have that is super effective, free, and re-usable is your smile. There are different smiles but what kind of smile do you give your potential Valentine?

What Smile Works For You?

The Coy smile is a special smile you save for your Valentine. A Coy smile uses more than your mouth and teeth, this smile uses your eyes, head, neck and some use even use their whole body. There are different techniques for a Coy smile, small little smirk with sideways glance, one side of your lip raising just a bit, the closed mouth raised eyebrow, or even biting your bottom lip gently.http://www.smileworkscalgary.com/by-mr-smiles/flirty-smile-2/

Smiling Coyly adds intrigue and sparkle to Valentine’s Day. Let your date know that you’re delighted to see them.

The Male Coy Smile

If you are wondering if a man is interested in you, look for this Coy smile.  He’ll give you a full, genuine smile and lift his eyebrows and widen his eyes. You will need to keep a lookout because it happens quickly but if you catch it this can be a good sign that you’ve impressed him. Anthropologists call this the eyebrow flash.

If you are a man that wants to give a Coy smile to someone you are interested in, do this. Start with a closed mouth and slowly turn up the corners. Practice in the mirror; even some of the most famous smiles are rehearsed. This should indicate you are interested but are shy.Have the confidence to look for the smile back.

A Woman’s Coy Smile

If you’re a man wondering if a woman is interested look for her Coy smile. When a woman smiles with her head turned slightly away while looking at you with a Tight-Lipped Smile, she looks playful and secretive.

If you’re a woman trying to smile Coyly practice smiling while looking sideways and giving a smile that shows your dimples and teeth as though your Valentine just told you something captivating. If you practice a smile long enough it becomes natural. This is one of the smiles Marilyn Munroe and Princess Diana used to captivate the hearts of people everywhere.This smile can be used to attract your Valentine in a coy yet genuine way that’s just for them.

Up Your Attraction

People are attracted to positive attitudes and genuinely happy smiles. Smiling can increase the level of mood-enhancing hormones like endorphins.Smiling makes us more likable and in relationships people want to spend more time with those they like. A smile that’s just for your Valentine is really special. Make sure that your breath is fresh and your teeth are their whitest by making an appointment to see your hygienist and dentist. Teeth whitening treatments can be used at home or professional treatments are available from your dentist. http://www.smileworkscalgary.com/other_services/tooth-whitening/