A Strong Foundation

Teeth age with us and we sometimes overlook that older teeth may need different maintenance, just like with the rest of our health. Older teeth do not wrinkle, but can dis-color, lose enamel and weaken. The good news is the more proactive care we take of our teeth the fewer issues. Our teeth not only support us so that we can chew, bite, talk, and breathe, but also help open a bag of chips (not recommended).

Keep Your Teeth

A Strong Foundation

  • Brush, floss and see your dentist regularly
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods and drink plenty of water
  • Deal with dental issues as soon as possible. They may get worse if not dealt with.
  • Inform your dental team of any other health issues that you may have. Dental health is part of your overall health.
  • Clean all dental appliances well. Your dental hygienist can teach you how.
  • Ensure that your dental insurance is adequate for any needs that may arise as your teeth age.
  • Use toothpaste with fluoride

Possible Dental needs for Older Teeth

As teeth age they can begin to wear away, get chipped, get damaged and show signs of all of the work that they’ve done.


  • Consult your dentist about procedures for Enamel loss.
  • Ensure that your dentures fit properly and not causing sores. Your mouth may change gradually and the alteration goes unnoticed.
  • Drink Water to ensure proper hydration and PH balance in the mouth
  • Check your teeth spacing, an alignment apparatus could help keep your teeth in their place


Older teeth could need dental care to help you look your best. An implant may be used to replace a tooth. Other options may include partial or full dentures. Keep your teeth working for you so you can eat cake on your 100th birthday.