Family Photos that will Make You Smile

We see those cringe-worthy family photos. You know – the ones where there is this pressure to get the perfect photo, but what you get is the little ones crying and parents clenching their teeth in frustration.  But the photo doesn’t represent the real family.

How Can You Keep Smiling?

Before the photo session:

Get a good night’s sleep and try to make sure that the kids do too. When everyone is rested they’ll have more coping skills the next day. Your eyes will be wider and your smiles will be brighter.

Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good about yourself and that’s reflective of what your family is all about. If you are people who are outdoorsy, wear clothes that show people that. It’s ok if you’re all different too. You’re all individuals!

It’s harder to smile in heels that are too high, pants that are too tight or in a scratchy lace dress. If you’re frustrated by spending twenty minutes trying to tie on a tie, that attitude can show in the photo.

If you feel good, you’ll be more eager to show yourself off.

During the photo session:

Breathe deeply. Give your brain some oxygen to help you stay calm.

Stand up tall and proud. This picture shows everyone what a great family you have!

Remember that you love your family.

Try to think of something silly to share with everyone. The best photos are the ones where everyone is laughing and having fun.

Don’t “pose”. Just be yourself and relax.

No matter what you’re wearing, a great smile is always appropriate to put on.

After the photo session:

Hug your family! Wow, you took some awesome photos!

Spend time together. Have a meal, play at the park, or spend some time visiting with the grandparents. It’s a great time for a visit.

Get together when the photos are ready so that you can all enjoy recalling the fun day that you had.