Fun With Royal Posing

We take hundreds of photos and videos with our phones. Here’s an idea to change them up a bit.

The British royals visited Canada and created many photo-ops, and you can too.

Have fun with your friends when you may be doing something less than Royal; like taking your recycling back, coming in from the rain, or eating fast food.

How to look Royal:

Here are some hints for getting that Royal look.

Start with your posture. The Royal posture is straight up and down, as if you are being lifted from the top of your head by a string.

The Wave:

The Hand Chop – With your hand at eye height to the side, keep your arm still and chop the air with your hand. This will give you that Pageant wave.

The Light Bulb – Arm bent with your elbow against your side. Pretend you are tightening a light bulb with an oven mitt on (Kate).

The High Five – This is straight forward, pretend you are going to give a high five (William).

The Smile:

The Clench – This is a smile with the teeth closed tightly while trying to show us as many of them as possible (William).

The “E” Smile – Sound out the vowel “E” to have a wide open smile that looks natural and bright (Kate).

You can see more of our Hollywood vowel smiles at

You may not end up on the cover of a magazine, but you will have fun. You can challenge your friends and families to create the most absurd Royal poses.