Joe’s Shiny New Life

Meet Joe. Joe is a typical Alberta guy who represents many of us. Joe is changing. About a year and a bit ago he made a conscious decision to improve. The first item on his plan was to quit smoking. Soon after the exercise and healthier eating started. Joe is in the best shape of his life.

Some of the benefits of his new lifestyle include a new wardrobe because of his weight loss and new body shape. Joe looks and feels great. Instead of avoiding exercise he’s found lots of new activities to enjoy. He’s joined meet up groups for singles and found people to go hiking in the mountains with him. He’s also started to take two step lessons where he’s met lots of new people.

However there are lingering reminders of his old life that Joe wants to deal with. He wants his smile to represent the new Joe. He notices the stains on his teeth from smoking and coffee drinking and his chipped tooth. Over the years his teeth have developed a couple of spaces.  It never bothered him before, however he feels that he’s made so many other improvements that now he wants a better smile.

At his last dental check up and cleaning he was told about dental options for his smile. He wants to whiten his teeth, fix the chip in his tooth and close up the gaps between his teeth. He made a plan with his dental team to get his smile working for him. Each patient is different and requires an individualized plan to be made with their dentist.

A general dentist can offer aesthetic options for their patients.

Tooth Whitening -There are different options for removing the stains from teeth ranging from whitening systems you can buy at a drug store, dental office whitening treatments to veneers.

Chipped Teeth-The chipped tooth can be treated with a filling or dental bonding, veneers or a crown or cap.

Gaps- The gaps can be lessened with invisible or traditional braces or with a bridge or partial denture for larger gaps.

Over the next three weeks we will examine these options further and discuss what Joe could do.