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Joe Feels His Best

Joe’s journey to a better smile is almost done. He’s done a lot of self improvement over the last couple of years. He’s lost weight, started exercising and begun to take two step dancing lessons. Joe opted to have invisible braces and to begin having work done to fill the gap that have developed over […] Read more

Joe’s Options for a Brighter Smile

Joe is a typical Alberta guy who represents a lot of men. Joe is shifting his lifestyle. He quit smoking, limits his coffee drinking, is exercising and eating better. Joe is into his second stage of his personal renovation, now he wants to remove the yellow stains on his teeth. He feels great and he […] Read more

Joe’s Shiny New Life

Meet Joe. Joe is a typical Alberta guy who represents many of us. Joe is changing. About a year and a bit ago he made a conscious decision to improve. The first item on his plan was to quit smoking. Soon after the exercise and healthier eating started. Joe is in the best shape of […] Read more

Spring Time Renovation

Spring is a time to renew and refresh. Many people take the seasonal chirping birds and budding trees as a cue to clean up or renovate their home and make it more attractive. You can refresh your smile as well. You can choose to have your semi-annual teeth cleaning and whitening and other general dentist […] Read more

Time For a Spring Cleaning?

Spring is on its way to Calgary. The new season brings feelings of fresh renewal. Folks are cleaning their homes, sorting out their closets, and getting their exercise routines going again. Cleaning up can be a chore, but it sure feels great when the job is done. The windows are thrown open, your house smells […] Read more

Your Smile Kit

Make sure that your smile is picture/selfie ready Whether it’s your wedding day, graduation, or just that impromptu “look at me” you’ll want to have your best smile ready! Here are some tips and tricks for getting your smile to picture perfect. • dental floss will remove those bits between your teeth after that special […] Read more

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