What Smile Works For You – The Welcoming Smile

Company is coming over! You’ve been working on setting up your party for weeks now. Invitations are sent, the menu is set, and the house is clean. Your carefully picked playlist is filling the room, appetizers are set out on the table, and the wine is breathing.

A welcoming smile lets guests know that you are self-confident, open and willing to spend some quality time with them. Friends will feel at ease and want to relax and enjoy the evening.

When you’re throwing a dinner party this smile is sure to work for you.

As your guests arrive have a small mint like a Tic Tac. You want to be able to greet guests without a huge lozenge or wad of gum in your mouth. Offer guests a drink or an appetizer when they first come in.

Keep the evening fresh.

Have a dish of mints set out for your guests. Include some sugar-free mints as well. Little dishes of anise seeds are also refreshing and help with digestion. If you want to be stealthier about helping to encourage fresh breath you can set out mint leaves, garnish dinner entrees with parsley or have apple slices as part of your dessert display.

I went to a party where in her guest bathroom a friend set out disposable tooth brushes that were pre-loaded with toothpaste, individually wrapped toothpicks and little soaps with a sign that said “Feel Free to Freshen Up”.

All of the preparations that you’ve made will mean a lot more if your guests feel welcomed with a bright, friendly smile. This will let your friends know that you are truly happy to see them and welcome in your home.

Help your guests feel their best!