What Smile Works For You – The kids are at Grandma’s Smile

Being a parent can be challenging. We spend the majority of our time taking care of our children, our spouse, and our home. We worry about finances, the health of our families and the state of the world that our children are growing up in.

We try to make sure that all of the details are taken care of. The one thing that we tend to neglect is our own mental health. Taking time for ourselves is necessary to replenish our patience, humour and sense of self-worth so that we have more to give back to others.

How can we get the time to take care of ourselves?

Call Grandma

Set up regular occasions where your children visit with Grandparents or some other friend or relative. This allows you to have some time and gives your child a chance to establish bonds with other trusted adults. Children learn that other homes have different rules and routines that need to be followed.

Find a Babysitter

Establish date nights for you and your significant other. Whether it’s a weekly or monthly event, it will give you something to look forward to. Find a trusted babysitter in your neighbourhood. Your family will benefit from having someone other than family that you can call on if you need or want some time without your children with you.

Take turns with your Spouse

You can take time to do an activity that you enjoy while the children stay with the other adult. Attend a fitness class, go to a painting party or have a regular girl’s (or boy’s) night out.

When you make time for yourself your whole family will benefit. And your smile will show the world that you care about everyone… including yourself!