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Brush Camping

A lot of preparation goes into making a camping trip a great experience for the whole family. Something that’s overlooked is tooth brushing and flossing, especially without running water and a sink. It’s just as important to brush while camping especially those evening’s s’mores and popcorn, and for those mornings with pancakes and syrup. A […] Read more

Back to School Check-Up

Kids love the summer off from school. This usually entails different routines when going on vacation, summer camps, or lazing doing their favorite activities.  Hopefully going to the dentist is the last thing on their minds. That’s good because their teeth have not been a concern. Let’s keep good dental health  As a parent, helping […] Read more

Chive Gone; Why Flossing is Important

Do Adults Need To Floss? YES! You should floss! Have you ever been on a date or a big interview and found out after you had a piece of chive in your teeth? Cleaning between your teeth is an essential part of your dental health routine. Floss first for a confident smile. Get Your Smile […] Read more

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