Spring Time Renovation

Spring is a time to renew and refresh. Many people take the seasonal chirping birds and budding trees as a cue to clean up or renovate their home and make it more attractive.

You can refresh your smile as well. You can choose to have your semi-annual teeth cleaning and whitening and other general dentist practices to fill in gaps and cracks or straighten crooked teeth.

Spring Clean

Just like spring cleaning your home can give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, some people enjoy that fresh feeling they get by going to the dental office and having their teeth cleaned and polished. That sense of pride on the way home when you slide your tongue across the front teeth that feel smooth and fresh. Contact your dental office for a teeth cleaning and check-up.


A fresh coat of paint on your wall can cover a scuff, wear and tear and aging of a room

Bonding can help to repair chipped, fractured, or discoloured teeth or reduce gaps.For this procedure, a dentist chooses a composite resin, a type of plastic that matches the color of your teeth. Several layers can be applied to each tooth.Bonding can also be used to build up older teeth to make them appear younger.



Changing furniture position or rearranging cupboards in your home can make it easier and more efficient. Straightening your teeth with adult tooth straightening systems can also help you get your smile working for you.


Opening walls in your home up or fixing gaps and cracks can make your home a nicer place to live. Having gaps between your teeth can mar your smile. Painful broken or cracked teeth make it hard to eat well or to enjoy life. Bruxism or grinding your teeth can lead to worn down tooth surfaces. Teeth may also become loose, painful or prone to fractures. Your dentist can recommend an oral appliance or night guard which may reduce bruxism or help protect the teeth from damage caused by grinding.


Your dentist can help with dental treatments like crowns, bridges or partial dentures.

Your smile needs ongoing care and attention just like your home. Give your mouth the attention and care that it deserves by seeing your dentist regularly, and by talking to your dentist and hygienist about getting your dental issues dealt with before they cause you problems.