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Something about Wanda

Wanda is described as outgoing, a great conversationalist with a sense of humour, and attractive. She keeps a positive attitude by not sweating the small stuff.That is why it came as a bit of a surprise when she decided to fix a couple of crooked teeth. After graduating from University she began her career and […] Read more

Joe Bridges the Gap

Joe’s journey to a better smile continues. Joe has done a lot to improve himself in the last couple of years. He’s quit smoking, cut down on the amount of coffee and is exercising regularly. He is thinking of whitening his teeth to help his appearance. He is also evaluating what he can do to […] Read more

Spring Time Renovation

Spring is a time to renew and refresh. Many people take the seasonal chirping birds and budding trees as a cue to clean up or renovate their home and make it more attractive. You can refresh your smile as well. You can choose to have your semi-annual teeth cleaning and whitening and other general dentist […] Read more

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