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What Smile Works For You – The “It wasn’t me Mom Smile”

We’ve all had those days. The Lego was left on the hallway floor and you stepped on it on the way to the bathroom. The milk got spilled; the dog got out the front door and ran down the street. And it’s only 7:00am. We love our children, we really do. It’s harder to hang […] Read more

How to Keep Smiling at the Dentist

Do you get anxious when going for your dental appointment? Regular dental visits are necessary for a great smile and good general health. Even though you’re anxious you should still go. There are ways that dentists can make your visit more comfortable. In the waiting room Dental offices often have features available to make their […] Read more

Bad Breath Keeps Others From Smiling

It’s easy to smile when we’re feeling good about ourselves. We can focus on family, friends and enjoying our lives. Bad breath can make smiling harder for us and for those around us. What causes bad breath? Bad breath can be caused by minor, easily fixable things, or by more serious problems that require dental […] Read more


What Helps You Smile?

A Good Night’s Sleep We function at our best when we get enough sleep. We are more alert when driving, more productive at work, and it’s much easier to handle your annoying brother in law. When you are sleep deprived you get cranky and when you’re in a bad mood it’s harder to smile. What […] Read more

Family Photos that will Make You Smile

We see those cringe-worthy family photos. You know – the ones where there is this pressure to get the perfect photo, but what you get is the little ones crying and parents clenching their teeth in frustration.  But the photo doesn’t represent the real family. How Can You Keep Smiling? Before the photo session: Get […] Read more

Fun With Royal Posing

We take hundreds of photos and videos with our phones. Here’s an idea to change them up a bit. The British royals visited Canada and created many photo-ops, and you can too. Have fun with your friends when you may be doing something less than Royal; like taking your recycling back, coming in from the […] Read more


Get Your Hollywood Smile

Give Your Selfie A Hollywood Twist Boost your selfie with a proven Hollywood trick. Stars and models use “A” “E” “I” “O” and “U” to change their glamorous smile. An “O” smile can show surprise, An “A” smile can show delight. Here’s how to get your Hollywood smile. Make a slow exaggerated vowel sound to […] Read more

Exercise Your Mouth For A Perfect Smile

You can practice these in front of a mirror. Your Smile Strengthening Exercise Stretch the corners of your mouth laterally (to the sides) while keeping your lips together; hold for 10 seconds. Expand the lateral stretch and part your lips to expose the edge of your teeth; hold for 10 seconds. Stretch further laterally and […] Read more

Working Your Mature Smile

As we mature, our smile can begin to show signs of wear. Just like we do regular upkeep on all of our other prized possessions, we need to give our teeth some ongoing care to keep our smiles bright and youthful. Here are some things that you can do to keep your pearly whites beautiful […] Read more


Confident Smile

A sharp suit or fitted dress, new shoes, a haircut, meeting your personal or business goal, or a pat on the back. These are some of the things that give you confidence. Your smile can be a confidence booster and also show your confidence. You can be wearing ripped jeans, an old T-shirt and have […] Read more

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