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Prepare to Smile for your Summer Vacation

You’ve put a lot of planning into your summer vacation. You searched online until you found the perfect spot. Whether it is the dream vacation to California’s amusement parks or getting away from everything on a backpack trip through the jungle, remember your dental health too. We know we need to see the doctor and […] Read more

What kind of toothbrush should you use?

WOW! There are hundreds of toothbrush shapes, sizes, brands, and colours. What is the difference between soft, medium, and hard? Should you get the straight one, the bendy one, the battery operated one, the plug in kind? ARG!  Well, keep calm and make sure to ask your dentist next time you’re there.  Everyone has a […] Read more

Getting Ready for Summer Smiles

It’s the May long weekend, another reason to smile. Hopefully the weather will be outdoor worthy…it is Canada.Tips to keep your smiles bright and healthy while you’re playing. Protect The Smile Too It is great to finally be outside enjoying the summer activities again. At the beginning of the season, even riding a bike can […] Read more

Acci-Dental; Mom to the Rescue!

Dental First Aid Are you traveling or going camping? May long weekend is often a traditional first family camping trip of the season.  Ahh getting away from civilization to the great outdoors filled with biking, hiking, adventures, and activities. Sometimes accidents happen Most first-aid kits have items for scraped knees, burns and bug bites. But […] Read more

Do I Have A Cavity?

Cavities are what you get from tooth decay(damage to the tooth).When a cavity is beginning, you may not have any symptoms at all. As the cavity gets larger, it may cause signs and symptoms like: Toothache Tooth sensitivity Pain when eating or drinking something sweet, hot or cold Holes or pits in your teeth that […] Read more


Joe Feels His Best

Joe’s journey to a better smile is almost done. He’s done a lot of self improvement over the last couple of years. He’s lost weight, started exercising and begun to take two step dancing lessons. Joe opted to have invisible braces and to begin having work done to fill the gap that have developed over […] Read more

Joe Bridges the Gap

Joe’s journey to a better smile continues. Joe has done a lot to improve himself in the last couple of years. He’s quit smoking, cut down on the amount of coffee and is exercising regularly. He is thinking of whitening his teeth to help his appearance. He is also evaluating what he can do to […] Read more

Joe’s Options for a Brighter Smile

Joe is a typical Alberta guy who represents a lot of men. Joe is shifting his lifestyle. He quit smoking, limits his coffee drinking, is exercising and eating better. Joe is into his second stage of his personal renovation, now he wants to remove the yellow stains on his teeth. He feels great and he […] Read more

Joe’s Shiny New Life

Meet Joe. Joe is a typical Alberta guy who represents many of us. Joe is changing. About a year and a bit ago he made a conscious decision to improve. The first item on his plan was to quit smoking. Soon after the exercise and healthier eating started. Joe is in the best shape of […] Read more

Is Teeth Grinding Keeping Your Partner Awake?

You may need to make an appointment with your dentist to talk about getting a night guard if you experience any of the following; Your significant other can hear you grinding your teeth while you sleep, or you wake yourself up with your grinding. It’s been described as a squeaking noise almost like tree branches […] Read more

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